PSFS IQ - Family Directory: How to create a report of all members or children born within a date range

How to create a report of all children born within a date range

From the IQ module, set up a new query and add Result Columns

  1. Families: Last Name and Families: First Name (this will be the parents) A
  2. Members: Full Name and Members: Birthdate (also add whatever address info you need from Families: Contact Info)B

Now add the Query Conditions

  1. Members: Birthdate: is between: (your date range)C
  2. Families: is Registered: is equal to: YesD
  3. Organization: Organization ID: is equal to: (Your Org ID here)E
  4. Then Execute QueryF. When the results appear, create a report by:
  5. Click Query ResultsG and choose Export to CSV.
  6. Save to computer.


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