PSFS IQ - Offering: How to find all non-pledging givers to your Pledge Fund

How to find all non-pledging givers to your Pledge Fund

Set up your query like this:

  1. Add new columns such as Families: Last Name, and any other contact info. Add Contributions: Payment Amount.
  2. Add Families: Family DUID (This is essential for the sub-query to follow).
  3. To the right of Contributions: Payment Amount, click the (f)function button and select Sum.
  1. Now add conditions: Funds: Fund DUIDA. (This number comes from the Fund ID column on your Funds Management page): (see Fund Management image below)



  1. Add this exact condition: Families: Family DUID: Not in sub-queryB: [Edit sub-query] and click Edit sub-queryC.
  1. When your Sub-query opens, click Add new condition.
  2. Choose Pledges: Pledge DUID, choose is greater than and fill in 0
  3. Click OK.
  1. Execute Query at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. To save your results, click Query Results and choose Export to CSV.


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