PSA Reports - Configure Report: How to select items when configuring reports

How to select items when configuring reports

Some reports will allow you to choose more than one item on the Configure Report screen. The selected or highlighted items will be included in the report. There are several ways to select (highlight) multiple items. 

Drag the mouse to select a sequence of items

  • Click on the first item and drag the cursor down through to the last item you want on the report. 

Select several non-sequential items using the CTRL-Key

  • Press the CTRL-Key and click each item you want on your report.  If an item is farther down the list, release the CTRL-Key, scroll down until the item is visible, then press CTRL-Key and select the item. 

Select a sequence of items using the Shift Key 

  • Click the top item in a sequence. Then, use the Shift key and click the last item in a sequence. This will select the first and last item you clicked, plus all items in between.


  • After selecting a sequential group, you may use the slider bar to scroll down (if necessary) and the CTRL-Key to select an out-of-sequence item. You may not select individual items with the CTRL-Key and then use the Shift or Drag options, however.

Clear your selection

  • Clear your selection by clicking the x to the top-right of the selection window.


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