PSA L&P - Reports: Why is my vendor Audit Report Blank?

Why is my vendor Audit Report Blank?

This could be due to a number of things:

Reason #1

There are no transactions within the date range you have selected for this vendor, double-check your dates.

Reason #2

You selected the wrong vendor, double-check your vendor selection.

Reason #3

You have checked the box for Include 1099 Transactions only and this is not a 1099 vendor.  Un-check the box and print it again. See the screenshot below.

Reason #4

The vendor is inactive and the option to include inactive vendors is not checked. See the screenshot below.

There may be more obscure reasons the report is blank.  If none of these solve your issue please contact support for assistance.


To run the report, go into Ledgers and Payables → Reports → Vendors → Vendor Audit 

Customize your date range according to the time frame you would like to report. The options for This Month, Last Month, etc., refer to the earliest open accounting period.

The resulting report will give all transactions within the date range specified sorted by Vendor then Invoice date.

Note: When previewing the report some fields in the report are hyperlinks which will take you to the actual transaction.



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