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How to add students to a class


  1. You may add students to a class from any of the three following areas: Dashboard, Student Directory, or Classes. Each of these may have the following steps in a different order.
    In this article, we will walk you through adding a student through using Classes.
    Go to Religious Education → Classes

  2. Select the term.
  3. Select the class by clicking the checkbox to the left of the class name.
  4. Select Add Students.
  5. You will now be on the Add Students Screen.
    From the (Step 2:Select People Records list, select the source you want to use for selecting students.  (This article will use the Family Directory as a source).
    • In the Records dropdown, select Family Directory.
    • Enter an age range (to narrow down the results and speed up processing).
    • Click Search.

  6. Under Step 3: Add Students from People Records:
    • Use the filter fields (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below) to narrow down the search. 
      • If you leave all filter fields blank, it may take a very long time to generate the list of names from which you will select your students.
      • Either way, to generate a list from which to select the students to add, if you have not already, click the Search button to the right of Step 2. 
  7. To add a student, click the green plus sign to the left of the correct student.(see image below)
    • You will see the added students under the New Students section on the right side of the screen.C If you made a mistake, you may remove them by clicking the red negative sign to the left of their name.
    • Once you are done populating the New Students list, click the Add Students button at the bottom of the screen.addstudents.jpg
      Note: Selecting a student from another class does not move the student from the original class, it just adds them to the new one. 


Also described as "adding a child to a class."

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