PSA System - Performance: Check Writing and/or Bill creation is very slow

Check Writing and/or Bill creation is very slow

Sometimes when a customer converts to ParishSOFT Accounting, they import or bring over all of the Vendors from their former system. Often, a large majority of these Vendors are never used or have not been used in many years.

If you have a large number of Vendors you may experience a slower response time when using applications that must select from the Vendor File such as Checks or Bills. We suggest that you delete as many vendors as possible. After deleting vendors, check to see if you have duplicate vendors that can be merged. Then archive any vendors that are no longer used. This should improve your response time. 

If you have thousands of Vendors that are not used, you may want to submit a request for our Data Specialist to remove all unused Vendors who were entered as of a specific date. This may require a Professional Services Fee.

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