PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Scheduling: How to set the times served start date and the number of ministers needed

How to configure settings that control how scheduler operates

One of the fundamental principles of the automated scheduler is to create fair and balanced schedules. This means that scheduling is done as evenly and accurately as possible. To enable the scheduler to accomplish this goal, you must provide the following information: the date when you want the scheduler to start counting the number of times each minister has served and the number of ministers required for each event. You provide this information on the Scheduling Options page.

Organization List

Schedule Options Tabs


Organization List

The organization associated with your Parishsoft login credentials automatically appears in the Organization list, which is located in the upper-right corner of the Scheduling page. If you manage multiple organizations, be sure to check to see which organization is currently shown in this list. The list defaults to the organization you selected when you last viewed this page.


Schedule Options Tabs

As shown in the following illustration, the Scheduling Options page has two tabs: General and Ministers Needed.

Use both tabs to configure settings that control how scheduler operates. Following are descriptions of the tabs:

General tab

On this tab, define the Times Served Start Date in one of the following ways: by selecting a time frame (for example, one month, three months, twelve months) or by selecting a specific date when you want the scheduler to start keeping track of the number of times the ministers in your organization have served.

If you choose a time frame, the scheduler automatically chooses a date within the time frame you specify and uses that date as its starting date.

You should check the value of the Times Served Start Date every time you generate a schedule to make sure that the scheduler uses the correct date as a starting reference.

Ministers Needed tab

On this tab, specify the number of people required to serve at each event. The scheduler uses ministers-needed information to assign ministers to events. Select the pertinent Ministry Group, Ministry, and Event to easily see how many Ministers Needed are assigned.

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