PSA Church Manager - Audit Trail: Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Audit trail? This feature tracks activity of system users in a log file. The log file is searchable. Having this search feature can provide a tool that helps organizations be accountable and transparent.

How do you turn this feature on?  You do not need to turn this feature on; it is a built in feature.

Who can view the audit trail?

  • Viewing the audit trail depends on Permissions. If you have the Church Manager Tab, you have permissions to view the audit trail.
  • In stand-alone organizations, users with the role of Church Administrator, or users who have the necessary permissions can access the Audit Trail.
  • In organizations that are under the authority of a managing organization, users with the role of Diocesan Administrators and Diocesan Users have permission to use this feature.  Other user types with the necessary permissions can access the feature.

Where is the Audit Trail?  To get to the Audit Trail search screen go to:

Church Manager → Audit 

Can I print an audit trail report?  Yes, the software can produce a report based on the results of queries; use the Preview Report button.


Will an inactive user's activities remain in the audit trail?  Yes, all activity will still be in the system


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