PSG Gear Button - Email Templates: How to customize the message sent to new donors in ParishSOFT Giving

How to customize the message sent to new donors

  1. To go into the Email Templates page, click the Gear action button in the upper right corner then select the Email Templates card.
  2. In the Template Type drop-down menu, choose New Donor. (see image below)
  3. In the text box, add the customized text you would like new donors to receive.
  4. To add a logo, do one of the following:
    • Click the Image icon: This will give you the options to select the image size, location, etc.
    • Click the chain-link icon to enter a URL for a website, image or logo.
  5. Once finished adding images, content, and text click Ok in the bottom of the Image or Link windows and then Save in the bottom left corner of the Email Templates window.


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