PSFS Tuition - Invoice Items: How to add a discount item to your Invoice Items library

How to add a discount item to your Invoice Items library 

A discount item is a fixed amount discount that you can add as a line item to an invoice. You can add the discount when you create a new invoice or add it to an existing invoice.

  1. Click Invoice Items.

  2. In the toolbar, click +.

    The Create New Item window opens:

  1. Specify details of the invoice item: 
    •  An asterisk (*)  indicates a required field.
    • Description: a descriptive name for the item, for example, "Tuition Discount for Multiple Students."
    • The description you provide appears on your reports, invoices, and statements.
      • Unit Price: the discount amount.  
      • Fund: the fund the invoice item is associated with.
      • Item Options: select the Discount Item checkbox to indicate that the item is a discount item.
    • The amount in the Unit Price field is now displayed in red text to indicate that the amount is a discount. The application will automatically apply it as a negative amount to the invoice.
  1. Click Create New Item.
    • The invoice item is added to the Invoice Items list.
    • The unit price for the item is displayed in parentheses and in red text to indicate that it is a negative number. For example:

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