PSFS IQ - Query Builder: How to create a member workgroup using IQ

How to create a member workgroup using IQ

You can design and write queries that create member workgroups. The workgroups you create are then immediately available in ParishSOFT Family Directory where you can perform workgroup-related tasks, such as creating labels and reports and sending email to members in the workgroup. This topic shows you how to create a member workgroup query.


Unlike other types of queries, the workgroups you create are not dynamically updated. Therefore, if you need to change the information for a query-created workgroup, you must edit the query, run it again, and then save the newly created workgroup with a different name. You can remove the obsolete workgroup from your system using the delete feature on the Member Workgroups page.

  1. Build the query the way you typically do by choosing columns from the Column Picker and specifying conditions.

For instructions on building a new query, go to How to Create a New Query.

  1. A family workgroup query must include the Member DUID column. Add this column using either of the following methods:
    • In the Column Picker panel, click to open the Members group. Scroll down and select the Member DUID column. Then, click  to add the column to your query. OR 
    • In the Result Columns panel, select this link: [Add new column]. From the displayed menu, select Members > Member DUID.
  1. Click Execute Query to run the query. The results are displayed in the Query Results panel.
  1. You can now create a workgroup using the results of your query. To do this, complete the following:

a. At the top of the Query Results panel, click Query Results.

b. From the menu, select the Create Member Workgroup option.

The Create Member Workgroup window opens.

c. (Required) Type a name for the workgroup and then select the name of the owner organization.

For example:

Only those organizations tied to your login credentials are available for selection in the Owner Organization list.

d. Click Create. A message displays to inform you that the workgroup was successfully created.

e. Click Close to dismiss the message.

The member workgroup you created is now available in ParishSOFT Family Directory anywhere you use or see member workgroups.

Using the previous example, if we go to the Member Workgroups page in Family Directory, the Teachers workgroup we created is now in the Workgroups list:

In Family Directory, you can perform workgroup-related tasks with the new workgroup, such as sending email to its members. You can also create mailing lists and labels for the workgroup (by selecting options from the Quick Reports menu).

The workgroup is also available for use as a filter in the Member Workgroups filter list (accessed by clicking  on the Member List page). For example, the Teachers workgroup we created now appears in the Member Work Groups filter list.


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