PSA Reports - Vendor Audit Report: How to print based on vendor name or amount paid for a specific date range

How to print a report based on vendor name or amount paid for a specific date range

One way to generate reports is to go to: Ledgers and Payables → Reports → Vendors → Vendor Audit

Customize your date range according to the time frame you would like to report. The options for This Month, Last Month, etc., refer to the earliest open accounting period.

The resulting report will give all transactions within the date range specified sorted by the vendor then invoice date.

Note: When previewing the report some fields in the report are hyperlinks which will take you to the actual transaction.

You can also see information about a single vendor using Bills → Find Bill.

Select the pertinent vendor and click Search.

When the bill is displayed to the screen, click the Print Bill button on the lower right side of the screen.

Other Reports that may help

  • The Vendor Audit Report will show payments by check and credit card.
  • If you need to see only payments by check use the Bill List Report. (Reports → Transactions → Bill List)
  • To see only credit card payments use the Credit Card Charges Report.  (Reports → Transactions → Credit Card Charges)


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