PSG Reports - Billing Report: How to view your organization's processing fees

How to view your organization's processing fees

The payments industry is continually evolving and adapting to the changing economic and regulatory environments. These changes often result in increased costs and requirements to industry participants. In response to these increased costs, the processor associated with your account, Payment Brands, is implementing a pricing adjustment. Effective January 1, 2022, you’ll see a $19.95 monthly fee added to your merchant account billing. Card and ACH rates will be increased by 0.05% + $0.03. You’ll see this change reflected in February’s billing for January’s activity. (Note: Net funding customers will see these fees begin on January 1st, 2022).

Processing fees are incurred for each online transaction and can vary depending on who the processor is. Fees may be disclosed to a customer (merchant) via one of two methods:

  • through a separate monthly processing bill received through the mail 
  • through an invoice or report generated through your Giving software (shown below)

To get a processing fees report, use the Deposits Report.


Deposits Report

  1. Go to Reports → Deposits then select Billing.
    Reports_Deposits.png  billing.png
  2. Enter a date range and click Search.
  3. Click View Transactions.

  4. You will then see an itemized list of transaction dates and the amounts processed with their processing fees.
  5. You may "Export" or "Print" this itemized report as needed for your records.




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