PS Administration - Troubleshooting: How to clear your browser's cache

How to clear your browser's cache

Because ParishSOFT works through web browsers, we often recommend that users clear their browser's cache when troubleshooting. Each Web browser has different steps for clearing the cache. This article provides links for clearing the cache in multiple browsers. For those who are interested, it also includes an explanation of what the cache is and why clearing it can resolve various issues.

Below are links to instructions on clearing the cache provided by the makers of each browser:

Why am I clearing the cache?

When you access a web page, your web browser downloads copies of different pieces of the page to your local computer. Every time you access the page after this, the browser checks with the web server to see if any of the pieces have been updated. If the browser identifies any updated pieces, it downloads that piece and adds it to the web page you're seeing.

Typically your cache will include tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces of different web pages, which are being checked each time you connect to any page you've visited before. Given this level of complexity, errors in the cache are fairly common. Clearing the cache forces the browser to download an updated copy of everything on a web page, eliminating many errors. 

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