PSFS IQ - Query Builder: How to rename a column heading in your query results

How to rename a column heading in your query results

ParishSOFT IQ provides a default title for each column you select for a query, but you can easily change the title of a column to any name you want. When working with your results, you may find it helpful to change the title of a column to make your results more meaningful.

  1. In the Results Column panel, click the link in the Title column for the column you want to rename.

A text field is displayed. For example:

  1. Press the Back key on your keyboard to remove the current text from the field. Type a new name for the column in the field, and then press Enter.

The Title field is updated with the change.

After you run the query, the new title appears as the column heading in the Query Results panel.

Any new reports (for example, Excel exports) created from the query use the new title. You will also see the new title listed as a merge field if you use the query results as a data source for a mail merge.


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