PSFS IQ - Query Builder: How to assign a tag to a query

How to assign a tag to a query


Tags are labels that you can assign to identify a query. After you assign a tag to a query, you can use the tag to quickly locate the query in your list of queries. This topic shows you two ways to assign a tag to a query.

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How to assign a tag when saving a query

How to edit a query tag


How to assign a tag when saving a query

  1. Click Save Query to open the Save Query window:

  1. Do the following:

a. (Required) In the Name field, type the name of the query.

b. In the Tags field, click and select the checkbox for each tag you want to assign to the query.

A query can have any number of tags assigned to it. The tags mark the query so that you can more easily locate it.

c. Click Close.

The selected tags are displayed in the Tags field.

d. If desired, type a description of the query in the Description field.

  1. Click Save.

The query is saved and associated with the tags you selected.


How to edit a query tag

  1. Click My Queries to open the My Queries window.

    The My Queries list contains all of the queries created by the logged-in user and queries created by other users and marked as "public" (shared). For example:

    Each query is listed on a line by itself.

  1. Locate the query for which you want to assign or edit a tag. Click the query's Edit link.

The query is now in edit mode so you can edit the tag. For example, selecting the Active Teen Members query opens the edit modal for the query:

  1. To add or apply a different tag to the query, click and select the desired tag from the Query Tags dropdown list.

The only tags in the list are the ones you created. If you need to create a query tag, go to Creating A Tag. After you create the tag, it is available for selection.

  1. Click the Update link in the lower right.

The system saves the tag change, exits edit mode, and returns you to the My Queries window. The Query Tags column is updated with the change.

  1. Click Close to exit the My Queries window.


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