PSA A/R - Credit Memos: How to remove a credit memo or the remaining balance

How to remove a credit memo or the remaining balance

If you want to remove a credit memo for any reason:

  • Created in error
  • Duplicate 
  • Have a credit from which you cannot issue a refund

Follow these steps:

First, if your login profile has administrator privileges and the credit memo date is in the current accounting period, you may delete the credit memo by clicking the delete button at the bottom.

If the credit memo is dated prior to the current accounting period, or you don't have the delete button, you may create a negative credit memo. If possible, use the earliest date in the open month as the credit memo date.

Together, both credit memos will wash each other out.

Both the positive credit memo and the negative credit memo will display on the customer's statement but the bottom line will be a wash.


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