PSA Reports - Report Configuration: When to use Preview Report or View PDF

When to use Preview Report or View PDF

At the bottom of the Configure Report Screen, you will find the following two options:


This article outlines the advantages of each and when one will be more beneficial than the other.

Preview Report or View PDF 


  • Report displays to the screen in the original browser window
  • Each page is separate (can jump to a page)
  • Usually can use the browser's back button to go back to configure the report differently
  • Can Drill Down on some items
  • Report may generate a little faster


  • If you use the printer icon while previewing the report:
    • There will be a header and footer on the page
    • The footer will have different information
    • The addition of the header will increase the number of pages that print and may print a final blank page containing only the header/footer.
    • Formatting will be different from either PDF option as shown below.

 Report format when print icon selected from the Preview Report option

  • If you use the disk icon to create a PDF 
    • There is not header
    • There are lines separating column headings
    • There are lines indicating a total
    • The footer information will be different from that in the Preview Report
    • Formatting will be different


Report format when PDF save icon or save/open icon is selected from the Preview Report option




  • Continuous pages
    • Can scroll through the pages
    • Use the Find Function (Ctrl + F) to open a search box 
    • Can use the printer icon or File → Print
    • Drill Down may be blocked but it does work in many instances
    • Formatting has a more professional look 


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