PSA L&P - Vendor 1099: How to get a list of 1099 vendors and amounts

How to get a list of 1099 vendors and amounts

To run the Vendor Audit Report listing 1099 vendors and amounts, go into Ledger & Payables → Reports → Standard Reports → Vendors → Vendor Audit Report.

  • If your accounting month matches the current calendar month, select the Fiscal Year to Date option.
  • If you only want to see the 1099 Vendor information, mark the option at the bottom to Include Only 1099 Transactions

    You will get a report of your 1099 Vendors and the 1099 amounts you have paid them. If you have marked the box to include only 1099 transactions, you will not see transactions for the vendor that are not marked as 1099 transactions on this report.


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