PSFS Religious Ed (Legacy) - Attendance:  How to enter attendance for a whole class

 How to enter attendance for a whole class 

  1. Select Religious Education
  2. Select the Classes tab
  3. Check the boxA next to the class you want to update. Choose only one class.
  4. Click the Attendance tabB.
    • To record the attendance for the entire class at once:

      1. Click RecordsC.
      2. Click on the dateD for which you want to enter attendance.
        • From there you can record the attendance for the entire class at once by clicking the red X to the left of the header column for X Present?

    • Or, to update the status for each student:
      1. Still in AttendanceB, click View by Student tabE → click the dropdown arrow next to studentFchoose one student → viewG.
      2. Click Manage AttendanceH → click the box next to the date onceI, which will record a green check markK for present. 

        • If they were not present, click the box twice, which will record a red X. 
        • Click the dropdown menu to choose tardy.
        • Be sure to Save Attendance to save all changes at the end. 

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