PSA Payroll - Setup: (0) Prepare Your Files for Payroll Processing

Prepare Your Files for Payroll Processing

Before you begin

Before you may set up your Payroll files, you must have certain accounts in place in the Ledger and Payables Module. For example, Payroll Setup includes adding Account Distributions to your Gross Pay Accounts. These Account Distributions will tell the software which Account from your chart to allocate Liabilities and Expenses for items such as Federal, State, and Local Taxes as well as Retirement or Health Insurance. Before you may add Gross Pay Accounts or distributions, you must make sure those accounts are in your Chart of Accounts. If you are part of a diocese and would like to learn how to add an account to your chart, click here. If you are not a part of a diocese, click here

Enter Employer Information

Set Up Pay Groups

Enter Pay Items

Manage Deductions and Benefits

Enter Account Distributions

Set up Payroll Check Layout

Enter Employee Information

Self Employed Clergy Payroll Setup

Direct Deposit Setup: Employer and Employee


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