PSA L&P - Reports: Why an account is not included on a report

Why an account is not included on a report

There are several reasons why you may not find an account on a report:

  1. The account may be marked inactive and you did not select "show inactive" in the Configure Reports Screen.
  2. The account may have a zero balance and you may have checked "suppress zero accounts" in the Configure Reports screen.
  3. The report may not have been filtered correctly in the Configure Reports screen. Depending on the report, the Configure Reports screen may look different. Some require you to select which account level you would like to display while others simply want you to select one account. Here's an example of a section of the Trial Balance Configure Reports screen.report_options.jpg
  4. Go to the Ledger and Payables → Accounts screen to review your account to ensure all fields are populated. In the example below, the Natural Account is blank although it exists in the account number.

    • If the Account number showing at the top is correct but, the boxes below have missing information select the correct number for the missing field and submit the account again. This should update the Account Number.
    • If the information is still missing after you submit and you are part of a diocese, contact the diocese for support.
    • If you are not part of a diocese contact support with detailed information. Include the account number, short cut, and which report is missing the account.


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