PSA Consolidation Manager - Accounts: How to add or change an account

How to add or change an account

Only a Diocesan Administrator and may add an account or change an account description or another field in the Diocesan Chart of Accounts. To learn how to add an account that automatically pushes to all of the organizations in your consolidation manager, see this article.

Begin by going into the Consolidation Manager → Accounts.



Add a New Account

To add a new Account, click the New Record link.

Start to fill in the information for the Account. Depending on the Account Type, different drop-down options will display.

Once you have completed all of the information, Submit the Account. As long as the Account has not been used, a Delete button will display at the bottom and you may delete the Account if necessary.



Change an Account

You may also pull up the Account and change it. You may change the Description (Name) of the Account and Submit. If this is an Account all of your churches have already pulled into their data set, the new information should push down to the churches who do not allow their organizations to modify their own charts. If the churches have the option to modify their Accounts, usually the description, this change will not push down and the individual churches must modify them as required.

To pull up an existing account for updates, select the Find Record button.

Because there are so many Accounts, you must use the filter fields to narrow down the Account, so the list will be manageable. Fill in as much information as you know. Then, click the Search button.

The result will be a list of all Accounts with the filtered information. Click Go to the left of each Account you want to change.

Once you have made the changes, click the Submit button.


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