PSA L&P - Vendors: How to find an inactive vendor

How to find an inactive vendor

Once a vendor is made inactive by marking the inactive box at the bottom of the Vendor record on the General page, it will no longer display in the Quick Find window. You must instead use the Find Vendor option at the top left, and mark the box at the bottom left to show inactive vendors. See the screenshots below for the details.

Hint: When you first go into Find Vendor, it lists all Vendors. Unless you use the following tip, you must scroll down through all vendors to get to the Show Inactive Vendors checkbox. To make your search more efficient, you may do the following:

  • Once you have clicked Find Vendors, click one of the letters in the alphabet under Vendor Search, (Z for example).
  • The list will be reduced to only those Vendors beginning with that letter, and scrolling down to the bottom of the list will be much quicker.
  • There, you will find the Show Inactive Vendors checkbox.  Click that box and submit.
  • Now you will be back to the list of all vendors but this time it will include the inactive vendors as well. The Show Inactive Vendors checkbox will remain marked until you exit the Vendors screen or until you unmark the checkbox and submit again.
  • Finally, click the letter associated with the vendor you want to find to shorten the list again.


Reactivating a Vendor: uncheck the inactive button under the Vendor Information screen and click Submit to make the vendor active again.


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