PSA L&P - Vendors: How to delete, inactivate, or reactivate a vendor

How to delete, inactivate, or reactivate a vendor 

Quick Find may be used to pull up an active vendor (A). In the case of pulling up an inactive vendor, use Find Vendor (B) and at the bottom of the page, mark the option to show inactive vendors, otherwise, you will not see the vendor name displayed.

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If you are trying to activate a vendor that already has an active duplicate vendor, you must change the active vendor slightly before you can re-activate the duplicate inactive vendor. This is normally only necessary in cases where you plan to merge the two vendors.

How to delete the vendor

If a vendor does not have any transactions you may delete them by clicking on the delete button at the bottom of the screen. If no transactions exist but the delete button is not present, you must request your Church Administrator or your diocese administrator delete the vendor. If a vendor has transactions, the vendor cannot be deleted but may be inactivated. See, How to inactivate a vendor.


How to inactivate a vendor

If a vendor has transactions you cannot delete them but you can inactivate them. Check the Inactive box at the bottom of the Vendor screen. Then, click Submit.


How to make a vendor active after having inactivated them

If the vendor is already inactive and you wish to make them active again, pull up the vendor using the find Vendor optionuncheck the inactive box, and submit the record. Note: once a vendor is inactive, they may not be found through Quick Find.



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