PSA Payroll - Direct Deposit: How to send an employee's net pay to more than one bank account

How to send an employee's net pay to more than one bank account

Employees may choose to have their net pay allocated to different bank accounts by percentage or amount. The software allows unlimited direct deposit accounts for an employee.

Choose ACH File, then enter a line for each bank account to which the employee would like to send their pay.  

If you choose the percentage method, the total percentage must equal 100%. (shown above)

For Amount Distributions, the last bank account on the list will receive any balance that remains. (shown below) ach_amounts.jpg

If an employee wants $10.00 to go to their checking, $20 to Savings, they can direct the remainder to go to a third account without specifying the amount. You must enter an amount on at least one line.

As long as more than one account is listed, you may leave the amount blank on the last account or fill in an amount. The software treats the last account the same either way. 



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