PSA Getting Started - Users: How to add a new user and set up permissions

How to add a new user and set up permissions

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Who can add new users

Beyond the initial login provided for your ParishSOFT Accounting (PSA) users, the user(s) with Church Administrator designation may add new users. If your organization does not have any Church Administrator designations, you must contact your managing organization such as your diocese to add new users.


How to add new users

To add a new user, the Church Administrator must click the Church Manager Tab and in Users, click the Add a New User button (top/right). If you do not have the Church Manager Tab, you must ask your Diocese or Church administrator to add the new user.

The form will display; each field must be filled in and the form submitted. This action creates a new User Profile.

There are two options for Role: Church Administrator and Church User. A Church Administrator has no restrictions in the software and can manage permissions for Church Users.

Church User default permissions include access to almost all accounting functions. Examples of functions that are not automatically included are Importing Entries, Spoiling Checks, and Memorized Transactions.


How to set permissions for a Church User account

If you have an account with the Role set to Church Administrator or if you are a Diocese Administrator, click here to learn how to update the permissions for Church User Accounts.


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