PSA Payroll - Ded/Ben: How to exclude selected deductions or benefits from a paycheck

How to exclude certain deductions or benefits from one payroll process



The fourth step in your Payroll Process, Calculate, gives you an option to omit certain Benefits and/or Deductions for this payroll only.

Begin the Payroll Process and continue as usual until you get to Step 4, Calculate. Select Calculate which will display three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • When the Calculation Options button is selected, a screen will display listing all Deductions and Benefits (shown below).
  • All will be marked to be included in the Payroll Process by default.
  • If this is a special Payroll where you do not want certain Benefits/Deductions just this once, you may unmark the item(s) to be excluded from just this payroll and click Submit.
  • After you complete this one Payroll, the Benefits/Deductions will be included in subsequent Payrolls.
  • If you want to omit them going forward, remove them from the Employees, Ded/Ben screen.

      To remove the Deduction/Benefit permanently, go into Payroll, Employees, Ded/Ben.
    Click the   to the left of any Deduction/Benefit you want to eliminate for good and Submit.


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