PSA Payroll - Forms: (W-2/W-3 Processing) Error | No report data to render...There was an error while parsing the PDF file. The PDF is likely corrupt or invalid

I received the following error when I select the Preview Report option for my W-2/W-3 forms

If you are getting this error when running your 1099's, click here.

This message indicates the government has not yet released the W-2/W-3 format and requirements for the year you are trying to print the forms or our 3rd party form company has not yet made a form available for that year. Normally, this message is displayed late in the year when customers are eager to prepare for the end of the year and want a preview of their W-2/W-3 information. Until the form is released, we suggest you run the W-2 Review Report (top option in Forms, W-2 / W-3, Form Name) and/or the Taxable Pay and Withheld (refer to the beginning of this article to learn how to run this report)  to get a current snapshot. If your Accounting month is current, you may select the Calendar Year to Date option to get the most up-to-date figures.

 If the government has released the W-2/W-3 format requirements but no W-2/W-3 is generating for any employees, you may want to visit our Help File Article on How to Set Up the Tax Data Tab for each employee.


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