PSDio AIM Family Dir. - Duplicate Checker: How to run the duplicate checker with family DUIDs

How to run the duplicate checker with family DUIDs

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how a user can use the duplicate checker function in the AIM Family Directory. This is specifically going to explain how to resolve duplicate families for which you already have family DUIDs. You will need to know which family is the master and which is the duplicate for the purpose of this demonstration. 


  1. Log in to AIM Family Directory with the following credentials: 
    • Username: exclusive_admin
    • Password: Either "dupecheck" or "dupechecker" 

  2. In Family Directory Choose Utilities → Duplicate Checker → Resolve Family Duplicates

  3. Check "Resolve Known Duplicate Using FamilyID" and click Next.

  4. Enter the Master Family DUID1 and the Duplicate Family DUID2 and click Next3.

  5. Go through the next prompts until you get to the family members page; choose whether you want to merge the members together or create new member records in the master family.

  6. One final confirmation that you want to merge the families (at which point you will get the Warning that this is irreversible) 

  7. Choose whether you want to merge the records immediately or if you want to have them merged overnight. If you choose now, it may affect performance for other users while they merge; but if you choose overnight, it will put it on hold until the nightly process is run.


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