PSA Payroll - Forms: (W-2/W-3 Processing) How to print tax forms

How do I print my W-2/W-3 Forms and ensure they are properly aligned?

There are several options for printing W-2 forms. 

The IRS accepts our W-2/W-3 forms when printed on blank copy paper. These are the easiest to produce and the ones we recommend.  There is a different option for each form type.

When choosing the W-2 2-Up Pre-Printed Form, you may use this option to print W-2 Copy A, W-2 Copy D, and W-2 Copy 1. It will print two employees per form. To use this option, we highly recommend this help article on Form Alignment before proceeding. 

For more information on W-2/W-3 Form processing, click on the following link: W-2/W-3 Processing


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