PSA Getting Started - Set Up: How to add, delete and edit Account Code Levels (dimension codes, sub-accounts, account segments)

How to add, delete and edit Account Code Levels (dimension codes, sub-accounts, account segments) 

Also described as, "How to change the name of an account segment in the chart of accounts."


Account Code Levels are the codes that make up the segments in an Account Number

  • Account Code Levels are added in Ledger & Payables or in Consolidation Manager
    • In Ledger & Payables, Go to Setup → Define Account Code Levels
    • In Consolidation Manager, Go to Setup → Levels


How to define or update Account Code Levels and sub-accounts 

  • First, you will name your levels (such as Natural Account or Department), then you will define (or update) the Account Codes for those Levels using the Define Levels button.
  • Sub-Accounts are the exception as you do not name them, and only choose the number of digits.
    • Sub-accounts allow like account information to be viewed in detail or summarized.
    • If you set your sub-account length to 1 digit you will be able to enter up to 10 sub-accounts (0-9). 
    • If you set your sub-account length to 2 digits you will be able to enter 100 sub-accounts (0-99). 
    • To activate your sub-account or to change the number of digits of the sub-account, click the down-arrow and choose from the options.
    • For additional information on Sub-Accounts, see the article, Why use sub-accounts.


  • Add New:
    • When you click the Define Levels button, the following screen will display. If you are adding the level, click New Record, and type in the Account Code Level Description and the Code. Then, click Submit.
  • Change Existing Description:
    • If you want to change the description of an existing level, use Quick find in the upper right corner of the screen to pull up the existing description, then click into the Description and change it.
  • Note, the Account Code for Missions in the example above has a Delete button. This delete button will not be available once you have used the Account Code in the formation of an Account Number.
  • After you have defined your Account Codes, you may create Account Numbers with them using the Accounts icon in the Ledger & Payables Module.
  • If you later decide you want to delete an Account Code Level, you must first remove it from an Account Number. When you do this, the delete button will display again.
  • To remove them from an Account Number, go into Accounts, Quick Find, pull up the Account, click on the segment and change it to an Account Code Level. You must do this with every account to which the Account Code Level is assigned.
  • Once the Account Code Level is not used in any Account Number Segment, the Delete button will display when you go back into Ledger & Payables, Setup, Define Account Code Levels, Define Level (as shown above).
  • To Edit an existing code, click Define Level where the item you wish to edit resides.  Then using the Quick Find pull up the level code.  Once on screen simply type over the existing information with your new desired information and click submit.


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