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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about memorized reports

What are some of the advantages of using Memorized reports?

  • It saves time
  • It allows you to group reports for a group (e.g. Finance Committee, Volunteers, internal reporting needs such as "Month-end", etc...).
  • You can print the reports in a Memorized Report Group with one click.

How do I memorize a report?

In the Configure report screen, at the bottom is the option to create a Memorized Report.

How do I create a Report Group?

The first time you create a Memorized Report the software will prompt you to create a Memorized Report Group. In the future you can choose an existing group in which to save a new Memorized Report.

Where will I see my Memorized Report Groups?

You will see your Report Groups when you click on the Reports icon in Ledgers & Payables.

How do I delete a Memorized Report?

Click on the Memorized Report, it will take you to the Configure Reports screen.  At the very bottom of the screen is the Delete option. Once deleted you can't get the report back, you have to recreate the report(s) if you want to see/run it again.

How do I update a report?

Go to Reports → select the report and update the configurations, and run the report, your original settings are what the Memorized Report will keep.

How do I rename a Report Group?

Yes, you can rename the report by clicking on Reports>Memorized Reports, find the report, configure your settings, and Memorize the report.  It is possible to have two reports with the same name, so use something that is descriptive in the title.

How do I delete or rename a Memorized Report Group?

A: Once all reports have been deleted from a group, you have the option to delete the Group. If there are reports in the Report Group, there will be an option to rename the group.

Do I need to save a report every time I change the report configuration?

No, you can simply edit the dates and run the report, you don't need to Memorize it again, unless you have a need to create a second report.

How do I change the order of reports in a memorized report group?

Reports show in the group in the order they are saved. If you need to change the order you would need to save the report with a different name in the order you want them to appear in the group. Then delete the ones that are out of order. 


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