PSA L&P - Vendor 1099: Error | No Report Data to Render...Could not find file

When I Preview Report from the 1099 - Misc :: Configure Report screen, I get the following error:

"No report data to render... Could not find file"

If you know you have Vendors marked as 1099 Vendors with 1099 Invoices for the selected year, this message may indicate the government has not yet released the 1099 format and requirements for the year you are trying to print the forms or our 3rd party form company has not yet made a form available for that year. Normally, this message is displayed late in the year when customers are eager to prepare for the end of the year and want a preview of their 1099 information. Until the form is released, we suggest you run the Vendor Audit Report. You may run it for 1099 items only.



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