PSA L&P - Vendor 1099: How to resolve missing or incorrect 1099 amounts

How to resolve missing or incorrect 1099 amounts

If you have Vendors which meet the minimum payment requirements (e.g. $600) but either a 1099 is not generated for them or their 1099 amount is incorrect, take the following steps:

  1. Go into the Vendor Record and ensure it is marked as a 1099 Vendor. See screenshot under #2. Marking this Vendor as a 1099 Vendor at any time, will update all vendor payments and include them in the 1099 amount.  If a vendor has a few payments that should be excluded from the 1099, you may then go into those invoices and unmark them individually. See the screenshot below. Note: 1099s are based on the payments (checks) generated from marked bills, not the unpaid bills.
  2. If you started using ParishSOFT Accounting in the middle of the calendar year and earlier 1099 invoices are not reflected in your data, you may need to add an adjustment amount in the vendor record. Simply enter the year, the adjustment amount and the 1099 amount as shown in the image below.


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