PSA Payroll - Checks: How to void a check (paycheck)

How to void a paycheck


Before voiding the paycheck, make sure you have read through the information discussed under When to Void a Paycheck in the next paragraph. Then, once you have taken into account all considerations, if you still need to void the check, you will find the steps to do so here.

This process is used to void a paycheck that has already been printed or has already been assigned a check number. In this voiding process, the check is voided, and the payroll accumulations are automatically adjusted in the Payroll and Ledger & Payables modules. Additionally, a reversing Journal Entry is created.

If an error exists on an unprinted paycheck that does NOT have a check number associated with it, click the following link,  Paycheck: Incorrect Amounts or Pay Item, to learn how to update these items and print the check.

Additional Considerations:

A paycheck is normally voided before it is cashed. Here are some examples of when an un-cashed paycheck will need to be voided:

  • The paycheck amount is not correct, the check has not been cashed, and a new paycheck must be issued to the employee. In this case, once the check has been voided you will use the normal payroll process to create a new paycheck for the employee.
  • The paycheck was lost, destroyed or otherwise damaged enough that it cannot be cashed. In this case, once the check has been voided you will use the normal payroll process to create a new paycheck for the employee.
  • The paycheck was created in error for an employee who should not receive a paycheck. In this case, no further steps are needed after the paycheck has been voided.

Paycheck Date Considerations:
When voiding paychecks dated in the current Federal and State reporting periods, the generated payroll reports will have the correct payroll and withholding totals to prepare reports to the Federal, State, and other organizations.

When voiding paychecks dated in prior Federal and State reporting periods, amended Federal and State reports may need to be filed. Payroll reports may also need to be reprinted for the desired periods. The reprinted reports will differ from the original reports by the amounts on the voided paycheck.

Caution: If a paycheck is voided in error, the normal pay-cycle steps are taken to recreate that paycheck..


  1. In ParishSOFT Accounting, click on the Payroll tab → Payroll Process and choose the payroll that has the check which needs to be voided.
  2. Go to Step 6) Edit Paychecks to select the payroll check that needs to be Voided and click on the Void button. The absence of a void button at this point indicates the check has been cleared on a Bank Reconciliation. A cleared check may not be voided.
  1. Once you click on the Void button a small popup will appear that asks you for a void date. The void date needs to be in the current accounting month and in an open Bank Reconciliation Period.
  2. Click the Save button to void the check.
  3. After voiding the check, click on Reports to reprint any payroll reports that you might need to reprint.
  4. When you later process your Bank Reconciliation, you will mark both the original check and the voiding journal entry.

This void process will

  1. Mark the check as "Void" in the Payroll system.
  2. Create a Journal Entry in the Ledger & Payables system to reverse the original check.
  3. Adjust the employees' accumulations in the Payroll system.

If you need to create a new Paycheck for the employee

  • If this payroll is still open: If necessary, update the timecard. Then, click the calculate button and move forward in the same payroll to generate checks. A new paycheck will be created for only the employees whose checks have been voided and who are still selected for this payroll.
  • If the payroll is closed: You must create a new payroll for just this employee. When you print reports, select all reports for the same payroll date to include all employees.


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