PSFS Tuition - Getting Started: FAQs

 Frequently Asked Questions 

I accidentally added the wrong customer.  How do I delete the family?

We do not currently have the ability to delete customers from the Tuition module.

Can I view all invoices for a family on one page?

Yes.  From the Customers page, click the family's name to open their tuition information where you can see past invoice and payment information.

I have a finalized invoice with a mistake.  How do I correct it?

Though we cannot currently edit finalized invoices, you can delete an invoice as long as no payments have been applied to that invoice.

Can I delete an invoice?

Invoices that have had payments applied to them cannot be deleted.  Invoices that have NOT had payments applied to them can be deleted.

How do I add invoice items that are discounts?

Please see the following article on how to add a discount item.

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