PSFS Offering | Lists - Funds: How to get a list of funds (which shows new Fund IDs)

How to get a list of funds (which shows new Fund IDs)

If you are new to the Offering Module, you may benefit from reading the following article:

How to navigate the Offering Module.

To navigate to the Funds page:

  1. In the Navigator Bar, select Funds.
  2. On the Funds card, select Go to Funds.

  3. If you want a list of all of the funds, simply click the search button in the Search bar at the top of the Funds page. 
    • If there is any text in the search bar, clear it out first.
    • If there are any filters set in the Filter Panel, clear the filter by clicking the reset button then click the Filter Panel search button (next to reset). 
  4. If you want a filtered list of the funds, for example, only funds that are tax-deductible or only funds that are active within a specific date range, use the filter panel on the right to select the required filter(s) and click the Filter Panel search button.
  5. You will see the Funds List displayed on the page. The default view is card view. This may be changed to grid view by clicking the grid icon in the top right of the page.
    • The example in the image below shows a fund list in grid view with no filters
    • The filter panel by default is set to show the funds in ascending order by fund name. You may change the order to descending. You may change the category by which to sort the records using the options in the dropdown list shown in the image below.
  6. To export the list of funds that are displayed on the page, click the export button at the top-right. This exported list will open in Excel.

    Exported Fund List


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