Religious Education Redesign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Religious Education Redesign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. When should I receive communication about the update?

    • We take great care in communicating with our Dioceses and Parishes. ParishSOFT launched communications back in December to Dioceses, and in January, we sent a few email communications to our Parishes. We employed In-app messaging, and finally, we are sending prelaunch email communications two weeks before your parish's update schedule with your scheduled date. In addition, a Client Success Coach will contact your parish office two weeks prior to your parish's scheduled launch.

  2. Why are you doing the release mid-year?

    • The software rollout will begin mid-February 2023 and will be completed prior to Easter. ParishSOFT is committed to completing this update in time for our parishes to prepare for upcoming fall education sessions. 

  3. Will my data be moved when we receive the Religious Education Redesign

    • YES! You can still access and modify your previous Religious Education data in Religious Education Redesign. 

  4. Will Religious Education Redesign replace my Faith Formation in Family Suite?

    • Religious Education is the module name for Family Suite. The legacy Religious Education Module allowed you to change the module name from Religious Education to Faith Formation. 

  5. How can I get a firsthand look at the Religious Education Redesign?

    • In anticipation of ParishSOFT's Family Suite refresh and Religious Education redesign, we're providing an opportunity for you and other parishes staff to preview the new product enhancements and to experience firsthand the new look and feel, new features, functionality, and usability in advance of the software rollout. To access the preview and practice site, click HERE for instructions and easy access.

  6. What is My Own Church (MOC)? 

    • My Own Church is part of ParishSOFT Family Suite (included with your subscription). My Own Church integrates seamlessly with your Family Directory, Religious Education, Ministry Scheduler, and Offering and Pledges programs to deliver a user-friendly portal where parishioners can update their information or register. Accept a change or registration submitted through My Own Church, and it's instantly accessible from the programs in your ParishSOFT Family Suite. There's no need to re-key any data in your system! To access Marketing Tools to help you start engaging your member, see our Marketing Kit.   

  7. Why isn't anything happening when selecting Religious Education in the navigation bar?

  8. Can I transfer a student? What happens if a student leaves the program mid-year?

  9. Do you have additional resources to learn more about the Religious Education Redesign?

Discover more about the Family Suite Refresh and Religious Ed Redesign, or join us for a webinar by clicking HERE


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