PSA Payroll - Setup: (1) Enter Employer Information

Enter Employer Information

When you go into Payroll, Setup, Employer Information, you will find the following sections (see screenshots below):

  • General: Name, Address, Phone
  • ACH Info: Required if you plan to issue checks via Direct Deposit through ACH Processing with your Bank
  • Contact Info: Name, Phone, Fax, Email
  • Tax IDs: Employer category, Federal and State Tax IDs, Business eFile Number, Unemployment Wage Max, and Unemployment Rate

Additional 941 Information including:

  • Part 2: Deposit Schedule Information (Monthly or Semiweekly)
  • Part 4: Third Party Information (Designee Name, Phone, and 5-Digit PIN)
  • Part 5: Return Signer Info (Name, Title, Phone)
  • Paid Preparer Info

Also, a field to check if you are self-employed

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