PSA Payroll - Ded/Ben: How to refund a payroll deduction

How to refund a payroll deduction


If you have incorrectly withheld a deduction from an employee paycheck, assuming the employee has cashed the paycheck or has received a direct deposit check, the following example will walk you through how to refund the deductions. 

Below is a copy of a payroll check where two deductions were erroneously withheld, one pre-tax (403b), the other is post-tax (disability insurance). 

The employee Accumulations tab shows the following:


To refund the amounts on the next payroll, put a negative adjustment in for both deductions:

An employee must have at least $1 of gross pay to refund a deduction.

Process payroll as usual.  The employee pay stub will show the negative deductions, and taxable gross will be correct.


Subsequently, the Employee Accumulations tab will show the following:

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