PSFS Religious Ed - Quick Start: How to navigate the Religious Education Module

How to navigate the Religious Education Module


Default Page: 

When first accessing the Religious Education Module, the Students & Volunteers page will display. If nothing has been populated on this page yet, it will look like this:


Once a term has been added and classes populated, the students in the selected term will be displayed  for all sessions, classes, and grades:


The Students & Volunteer list can be filtered to your desired view by selecting options from the drop-down menus and clicking Apply:


Pro-Tip: The selections users make through their personal log in becomes the default filter settings until user selects Reset.


Tool Bar:

The options on the Tool Bar may be accessed from any page within the Religious Education Module.


Active Organization Selector:

When your login gives you access to more than one organization, you may use the Organization Selector to switch to another organization as necessary.



Help button:

We have an online help option that you may access through the application. Simply click the Tool Bar (?) button at the right, then click the link.



Settings Button:

Access the Settings page from the Tool Bar Settings (gear) button.

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Navigation Bar

Found on the left hand side of your screen. At first log in, it may be collapsed. Expand the Navigation Menu by clicking on the Expand icon:


Use the caret to expand panel options:

When expanded, use the caret to collapse the panel options:


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