PSA L&P - Credit Cards: How to reconcile a credit card account

How to reconcile a credit card account

To reconcile your Credit Card Account, you must have set up a credit card liability account, and you must have entered your credit card transactions through the Credit Card option.

Credit Card Reconciliation Process

When your reconciliation won't balance


Credit Card Reconciliation Process

To begin your Credit Card Reconciliation, go to Process → Reconciliations → Credit Card Reconciliation and either pull up an existing reconciliation or create a new reconciliation.

When creating a new statement, you must choose the credit card account, enter the statement date, and enter the statement balance.


You cannot change the Statement Date, or the Ending Balance once you click submit.  Later if you determine that the statement date or balance are incorrect, the only option is to Delete the reconciliation and start over (if you do not see Delete, you do not have the necessary permissions set up in the system and must talk to your system administrator. The Support Team may not change permissions).



In the reconciliation screen, you will not see the Reconcile button until the difference is zero.



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