PSA System - Screen Icons: How to fix icons wrapping on the screen (menu items on multiple lines)

How to fix icons wrapping on the screen (menu items on multiple lines)

This issue is caused by zooming the screen to a larger magnification. It can be resolved by reducing the screen magnification or by zooming out.

There are several ways to reduce your screen magnification: 

  • (Windows) Enter the CTRL-0 (zero) keys simultaneously. (MAC) Enter Command-0 keys. This will put your screen back to the default screen size where the icons list across the top.
  • In Windows, you could also use the control key +/- options to enlarge and reduce the screen: CTRL/Shift +/- where the plus sign (+) increases or zooms in (makes it larger or magnifies the screen) and the negative sign (-) decreases or zooms out (makes it smaller or reduces the magnification). 
  • In Windows, using the CTRL and mouse-wheel option will also increase and decrease the magnification on your screen.

This appears to be an issue for some when using the Google Chrome browser. It may also be associated with your screen size or display settings. We have found that different zoom settings will cause the icons to wrap. For example: at 100% and 125% the icons may not wrap, while at 25%, 33%, 67%, 80%, 90%, and 110% they may. Try using a different browser or contact your IT person if the above instructions do not resolve the issue.                           

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