PSA Reports: How to print reports checks or statements using Google Chrome, Version 77

How to print reports, checks, or statements using Google Chrome, Version 77

The latest update for Google Chrome, Version 77, caused a printing issue on platforms that utilize the DevExpress architecture. ParishSOFT is one such platform. For more information see the following article: Google Confirms Chrome 77 Breaks Printing For Google Calendar, Suggests A Fix

This means that your print button for several ParishSOFT reports may not function correctly on this version of Google Chrome. Our development team is currently working to restore functionality until Google can hotfix the issue. In the meantime, as a workaround, we recommend using another browser or simply viewing your document as a PDF and printing from there.

Printing most documents

When printing any of the reports or statements In the accounting application, there is a View PDF button next to the Preview Report button. Using this will directly export your report to PDF. You can print from there.

Printing checks

Checks typically open as a PDF so they are not likely to present a problem. If your checks do not currently open as a PDF, you must set up your browser so they do. See this article to learn how.


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