PSA L&P - Memorized: How to create, modify, use, and delete memorized transactions

How to create, modify, use, and delete memorized transactions

Also described as, How to create a transaction from a memorized transaction template

The following types of transactions may be memorized:

  • Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • Deposits
  • Journal Entries

The basic steps to create Memorized Transactions are:

  1. View the list of memorized transaction templates to ensure the one you want to add does not yet exist. You may also edit certain fields. If you know it doesn't exist, skip this step.
  2. Create a Memorized Transaction template. If the template already exists, skip this step.
  3. From the Memorized Transaction template, create a NEW transaction.
  4. View and edit the entries created from Memorized Transactions.


Step 1 View the list of memorized transaction templates

To view the list of memorized transaction templates, there are two places to go.
Note: this is the screen you can delete memorized transactions that you no longer need.

  1. To see the details of the memorized transaction template, go to Reports → Transactions → Memorized Transactions. You will see the Transaction Type, Next Date, Description, Accounts affected, memorized amounts.
  2. To see a simple list for each type including next date, final date, vendor, etc., go to Memorized. You will see a menu of the types of transaction templates.

    In this example, the Memorized Bills link is selected and it brings up a list of Memorized bill templates. This is simply a list, you cannot view the details of the memorized template from this screen. On this screen, you can delete any memorized template by checking the box next to the template and clicking Delete. You can also click into the Description, Next Date, and Final Date fields and update these. If you do this, make sure you click Submit.



Step 2 Create a Memorized Transaction "Template" (using bills as an example)

In Step 2, the memorized transaction template is created from an existing transaction. In step 3, you use the template to create another transaction.

  • Open or create a transaction in one of the tabs (Bills, Credit Cards, Deposits or Journal Entries)
  • Click Memorize at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fill in and submit the information about the Memorized Transaction in the new window.

  • Frequency can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual, and semi-monthly. Semi means two times in that period. Bi is every two.
  • The Description, Next Date, and Final Date that are entered in this screen may all be easily changed following the instructions in Step 1. None of the other information may be changed in a memorized transaction.
  • To update any of the other information, you must memorize a new transaction and delete the one you originally created.


Step 3 - Create a new transaction

In this step, you will create new transactions from your memorized templates. Note how the Next Date you set in Step 2 interplays with the Create From Memorized Transactions routine. This is explained in #2 below.

  1. Go to Memorized → Create from Memorized Transactions

  2. A new screen displays where you may set the date for the new transaction(s). Any memorized transaction with a Next Date that is less than or equal to the date entered in this field will be selected for creation as long as the Next Date is not in a closed period and as long as the Final Date has not been passed.
  3. If the dates are correct, when you click submit, you will see a screen like this one: check the box next to the transaction you want to create and click Submit. If there are any transactions in this screen you do not yet want to create, you may unmark the create box before clicking Submit.
  4. If you don't see the transaction you expect, check the "next date" in the Memorized Bills/CrCard/JE/Deposits screen.  In this example, if we had entered a date prior to 8/28/17 the software would not create a transaction. Once the transaction is created the next date can be edited in Bills/CrCard/JE or Deposit screens (Step 4).


Step 4 - Edit the new transaction and re-memorize if necessary

Once the transaction is created from the Memorized Transaction template, it can be viewed or edited, then submitted. In this case, we go to the Bills screen and pull up our new transaction. In order to change the details of the transaction, the line items, the vendor, the comment, you must make the changes here, in the created transaction, then memorize the modified transaction. If you do this, go back to Step 1 and delete the first memorized transaction to eliminate confusion and duplication.




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