PSFS Offering | Reports - Pledge Reports: How to run a Donor List Report

How to set up and run a Donor List Report

  1. Go to the Pledge Reports page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar on the left, click the carrot next to Reports and then select Pledge from the expanded options.
    • Using the Reports Card, select Pledge.
  2. On the Pledge Reports screen, choose the fund from the drop-down options and then select the Donor List Report.
    • Once the report has been selected, you will be prompted to enter a date range.
    • The date range must include the date the pledge started for the donors you would like to include on the report. 
  3. Once you have made all of your selections, you may create either an Excel or a PDF file and then save it to your hard drive or print off the report.
  4. The Donor List Report has two sections:
    • Report Summary: The first page of the report will be a summary of the records including a graph that includes how much was pledged, how much was paid, and what the goal was for this time period for this fund.
    • Donor List: The rest of the report is a list of the donors who gave to the selected fund within the date range entered.  Besides donor address information, it includes the start date, pledge frequency, pledge adjustments, amount paid, and the balance.
    • Excel Format


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