PSA L&P - Positive Pay: Getting an error when uploading positive pay file

Getting an error when uploading positive pay file

  • Review any error messages you receive to determine what is causing the error. If possible, take a screenshot of the error message.
  • Is the file you are trying to import a Text file? It must be a text file.
  • Sometimes the Positive Pay Site is down causing a delay in the ability to submit the file.
  • If there is no information or you are unable to determine the cause of the error, contact your bank to troubleshoot. 
  • If you receive information that something is wrong with the file and you are not able to correct the problem, contact ParishSOFT Accounting support with specific details on the error. A screenshot of the error is usually helpful in troubleshooting.

See this article on how to re-create a positive pay file.



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