Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration From ParishSOFT Desktop: Step #3

Step #3 Submit Your Data for Migration

How to Submit Your Data

If we host your data through Remote Solutions:

The Onboarding Team will pull your back up the morning of the scheduled transition.

If your software is locally installed, Follow These Backup Instructions;

  1. Open ParishSOFT Family Directory.
  2. Login in as a parish administrator.
  3. Click the File menu.
  4. Click on Backup Database.

  5. In the Database Backup and Scheduler Screen, place a check beside the current day of the week.   Note:  There does not need to be a time.
  6. Place a check in the box in under FTP for the current day of the week.
  7. Click on the Backup button next to the FTP check box for the current day of the week.
  8. Only use the Backup button next to the FTP check box for the current day of the week.

    There are others at the bottom. Disregard all other backup buttons.

    The backup will now run and will give you 2 messages when it has successfully completed.

    Do not worry if you see “Not Responding.” The system is running and will complete the backup.

    Important:  Once you have successfully submitted your backup, you and your staff should no longer make any updates to your data while the migration takes place.  You may use your current system as READ ONLY. 

The migration of your Desktop data to your Family Suite stage site will take approximately 3 business days to complete from the start date.

Training for the ParishSOFT Family Suite

Now is the time to sign-up and register for our PATHFinder Learning System using the link below.  Please contact us for the Code Word if you have not received it already.  You can call us at 1-866-930-4774 or by email at or

PATHFinder Self-Signup & Registration

PathFinder is an online learning system will allow all staff to complete a set of courses based on their individual training needs, at a time and pace that fits their schedules. Training makes your migration to new software and your day-to-day work more efficient and enjoyable, so we recommend that your staff register and start training right away.

Each staff member should register and create their own login to the PATHFinder learning system login.  Be sure that at least one person in your organization takes training for each program module in the Family Suite that you have purchased.

Once you have registered to the PATHFinder learning system, please use the link below to log in.

If you would like to read all the steps in the Migration Process, click the Migration Steps document link below:

ParishSOFT Family Suite Transition Steps


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