PSA Payroll - Reports: How to run a Payroll Summary Report

How to run a Payroll Summary Report

The Payroll Summary Report can be run to include a selection of employees as well as a selection of payroll. 


  1. In Payroll → Reports, select Payroll Summary.
  2. You may select all or just some of the Payrolls you would like to include. Then, you may select one, several, or all of the employees. The principals listed here apply to either.
    • If there are several in a row, click the top one and drag down to the bottom.
    • Or, you may click the top one and then depress the Shift key and select the bottom one. All in between should be selected.
    • If you need to exclude one, press CTRL and click on the one you want to exclude. 
  3. You can either use Preview Report or View PDF to display the report.


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